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Activity track REINDEER TRAIL

  • 2 y
  • 0.73 m
  • 1.49 m
  • 13.47 m
  • 2.21 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width4.49 m
    Safety area length16.47 m
    Width of structure1.49 m
    Length of structure13.47 m
    Height of structure2.21 m
    Max. fall height0.73 m
    Recommended age of children2+
    For simultaneous use by several children1-20

    Product description

    Balance and activity track REINDEER TRAIL includes a balance net, balancing steps shaped like leaves, a slackline, and a balancing beam with handrails. There are 4 different reindeers with activity boards on them like tic-tac-toe, four-in-row, illuminator window, and geometric shapes. The first two deer are surrounded by metal poles in different heights that makes an impression like they are in a forest. There are also talk tubes on either side of the forest.
    Product frame, support beams and metal details are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, all fixing accessories from stainless steel. Animals are made of 15 mm HDPE. Leaf shaped steps are made from painted laminated wood. Balancing net and slackline are made of 16 mm six-strand PES cover braided steel rope. The net has pressed aluminum connectors. Balancing beam is made of laminated painted wood. Product’s ground fixings are made.

    Safety area

    Side view



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