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Climbing frame FOXHOLE

  • 1 y
  • 0.95 m
  • 0.56 m
  • 3.97 m
  • 1.1 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width3.56 m
    Safety area length6.97 m
    Width of structure0.56 m
    Length of structure3.97 m
    Height of structure1.1 m
    Max. fall height0.95 m
    The product needs a safety surface
    Recommended age of children1+
    For simultaneous use by several children1-5

    Product description

    Climbing frame FOXHOLE2 with different climbing elements that help develop gross motor skills and promote active play. The tube is suitable for both smaller and bigger crawlers. Kids can safely crawl through the tunnel or use it to hide from rain, sun or company.Two secure nets connect at the top of the crawling tunnel. The tail can be used for sitting and relaxing or active balancing.

    Safety area

    Side view



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