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Combined Exerciser

  • 14 y
  • 1.59 m
  • 1.64 m
  • 2.41 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width4.59 m
    Safety area length4.64 m
    Width of structure1.59 m
    Length of structure1.64 m
    Height of structure2.41 m
    Recommended age of children14+

    Product description

    The frame of the device is a metal profile with 3 mm thick walls with a cross-section of 120 x 80 mm. The device is painted with two-layer weather- and wear-resistant, strong paint coating. Standard colours are a combination of blue and black, other colours are available for custom orders. The device is attached to a reinforced concrete foundation with 16 x 125 mm anchor bolts, which are covered with a rubber cover. The handles are made of recycled plastic and the backrest is made of waterproof phenolic coated plywood, which has lower thermal conductivity than metal. The machine has a special place for storing a towel. The exercises are meant to be performed with one’s own bodyweight on the Combined Exerciser. The device allows you to train the main muscles: the back, chest and arm muscles, the abdominals, the gluteal muscles and the quadriceps. The device is equipped with an instruction manual and a QR code.



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