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Inclusive spring rocker (for disabled children)

  • 1 y
  • 1.29 m
  • 2.01 m
  • 1.04 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width4.29 m
    Safety area length5.01 m
    Width of structure1.29 m
    Length of structure2.01 m
    Height of structure1.04 m
    Recommended age of children1+
    For simultaneous use by several children2-4
    Wheelchair AccessibleYes

    Product description

    The Inclusive Spring Rocker is a device that has a therapeutic and play function at the same time. In addition to rehabilitation centers, the Inclusive Spring Rocker is perfect for schools and kindergartens with children with various levels of ability as well as for public playgrounds. The Inclusive Spring Rocker is a device for fun and rehabilitation. The functions are performed when the user pulls himself/herself to the handrails. It i salso attractive as a reflecting device when one user jumps and the wheelchair user reflects the bounces. Springs placed under the platform make it possible to tilt the platform sideways. There are two sets of handrails next to the device - lower and higher, to use dependent on the ability . The device, in addition to playing, helps to improve proprioception and coordination and supports kinesiotherapy of the upper limbs. People with disabilities can play on the device at the same time, also in wheelchairs, together with non-disabled people in various configurations of these users, 2 people can play on the device at the same time. The device complies with the EN 1176.

    Safety area

    Side view



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