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Plastic-net cover for the sandbox 1,6x1,6m

  • 1.85 m
  • 1.85 m
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    Technical information

    Width of structure1.85 m
    Length of structure1.85 m
    Recommended age of children0+

    Product description

    Sandbox cover made of extra durable PVC outdoor mesh fabric. This cover helps to keeps animals away from the sand and prevents mould growth. A strong rubber cord runs through metal eyelets on the hemmed edge that helps secure the cover to the sandbox. Material is very durable, extremely tear resistant and won’t unravel even if damaged by external forces. Mesh material technical parameters: weight 250 g/m², tear strength 250N/5 cm, tensile strength 900N/5 cm. Beautiful imitation of green grass has been printed on the cover. Different designs can be printed on the cover for instance a kindergarten or group name, etc. We also manufacture covers for custom sandboxes.



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