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Plastic-net cover for the sandbox 6x3m

  • 6.25 m
  • 3.25 m
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    Technical information

    Width of structure3.25 m
    Length of structure6.25 m
    Recommended age of children0+

    Product description

    The sandbox cover is made of high-strength outdoor PVC (plastic) mesh material. The sandbox cover keeps the animals away and prevents the sand from getting moldy. A strong rubber cord is fitted into the inverted and sewn-on edges through metal loops, helping to secure the cover behind the edges and corners of the sandbox. The material is very long-lasting, highly resistant to tearing and will not branch after mechanical damage. Technical parameters of the mesh material are: weight 250 g/m2, tear strength 250 N/5 cm, tensile strength 900 N/5 cm. A beautiful imitation of green grass is printed on the cover, and it is possible to print different designs on request, such as names of the kindergarten or groups, etc. We also manufacture coatings for special size sandboxes.



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