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Quarterpipe L4 x W2,44 x H2,2

  • 8 y
  • 4 m
  • 2.44 m
  • 2.2 m
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    Technical information

    Width of structure2.44 m
    Length of structure4 m
    Height of structure2.2 m
    Recommended age of children8+

    Product consists of

    Riding surface

    Product description

    Quarterpipes are similar to Banks but with curved surface. Typically placed at the perimeter of a skatepark for riders to drop in, start a session or perform a technical trick. They are also used as elements for different types of maneuvers. Equipment 3D picture is illustrative. One Quarterpipe module consists of single height according to product dimensions data. It is possible to attach together several modules in different heights. This equipment does not include safety rails. To add extra security, we recommend safety rails to elements up to 1m height. From 1m onwards, safety rails are mandatory according to the safety standards. The safety rail can be added to the basket separately.



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