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Swing with Birds Nest Basket

  • 3 y
  • 1.5 m
  • 2.6 m
  • 3.9 m
  • 2.7 m
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    Technical information

    Width of structure2.6 m
    Length of structure3.9 m
    Height of structure2.7 m
    Max. fall height1.5 m
    Recommended age of children3+
    For simultaneous use by several children1-4

    Product description

    The Bird's Nest Swing, a playground favorite, offers a fun, social experience for multiple children, encouraging cooperation and turn-taking. Suitable for various abilities and ages, it promotes inclusive play. This swing enhances children’s motor skills, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. Its versatile design supports sitting, standing, lying, and even safely jumping off, aiding in the development of core muscles. It is a perfect blend of fun and physical development.

    Safety area

    Side view


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