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Theme Series

Complete playground sets with a unique theme

The complete solution is born like a puzzle, from perfectly matched parts. Our themed series are inspiring and unique enough for everyone to find their right one.


Tribute to Wildlife - this is a theme series that makes us notice and experience the world around us as it really is. Birds and animals, plants and insects, life around us that inspires. Expected meetings in the forest and in the city, and now also on playgrounds.
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The OCTO series got its name from the modern, octagonal, powder-coated aluminium posts. The series is like a big city where everyone feels they can make it! The product range is mostly meant for teenagers and it is constantly growing.
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URBAN is a powerful theme series that sees an exciting challenge in all places that young people use for leisure and for testing their stamina. Time to find out who is the fastest, strongest and most skilled!

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A design that fills you with confidence. Patterns that always look enchanting. Colours that blend into any environment. AMAZON is a timeless product line that has been, is and will stay around.
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The stars have fascinated people since the beginning of time. The endless space of the universe fascinates us and makes us dream, and clear nights offer us the joy of constellations and the moonlight.
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Who are the greatest adventurers of them all? The brave pirates, of course! The daredevils who sail towards new adventures and fearlessly test themselves by defying dangers and taking risks.
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A series that has been inspired by the colourful fish and the exciting underwater world. Thematic panels add to the uniqueness, maintenance-free materials guarantee durability.
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