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Custom projects

The power of unique custom projects

Cooperation with a client can sometimes result in projects where every detail is custom made, based on a unique environment, special needs, a unique solution or just on flying fantasy. Special solutions are our passion!

Printed panels

Printed panels enable to create completely different bold solutions. You only have to choose a subject and the result will be unique, beautiful and exciting for children! Here are some excellent examples of the use of printed panels on different playgrounds.


Playground in the Estonian National Museum (ENM)

Playground attractions are sometimes completed as tailor-made work. ENM is one of those cases. Our AMAZON series matched the design language created by the ENM architects perfectly to the smallest detail. We made the products extra special by designing an ornament for the attractions with the pattern derived from the ENM logo.


Peetri Park

Welcome to the wonderland! Peetri Park is extraordinary. We believe that the residents of Peetri and the whole Rae municipality feel great here. Activities are available for children, young people and adults of all ages, with plenty of benches and shelters added for relaxation. As a little hint, let’s just say that the proximity of Tallinn Airport has had an impact on the choice of attractions.


Maarjamäe Palace Park of the Estonian History Museum

Do you want to discover the ancient Salme ship, the Haanja Upland, the Kõpu lighthouse or the Narva fortress? You can do all this and much more in the playground in the Maarjamäe Palace Park of the Estonian History Museum. Here the objects tell the story of historical places and events in a playful form while raising interest in Estonia’s diverse history.


Playground in Forselius Park

We never just stick to the solutions visible on our web site’s product range. We are happy to think along when encountered with a high-flying, special and bold idea. The author of the Forselius Park project is Ökodisko OÜ. We produced and installed it. And we would like to point your attention to the printed picture panels of the play centres!


3D sample playgrounds

We make 3D animations and videos to show how our playgrounds look in different environments. If it is a larger project, ordering a 3D solution will definitely pay off. You can make sure that the selected products are suitable for the specific environment and, if necessary, change something before the order goes in.


Pargi Kindergarten in Kuressaare

The playground of the Kuressaare Pargi kindergarten (Estonia) was just one of those places where we had to consider the heritage protection rules, the needs of the kindergarten and the surrounding environment. Such projects never exclude playfulness.