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Special solutions – an opportunity to tell your story

31 Mar 20212 min readBlog

Just like every person, every place, company and institution also have its own story to tell. That story is something that exists, but which also must be told, and shared. A well-told story creates interest, brings people closer and builds trust. You can have a good product or a service, but in order for the customer to find it and relate to it, it needs to speak to them. 

There are also stories whose task is to create an atmosphere, a mood, a synergy. To open backgrounds and share knowledge. To kindle interest or even excitement. For designers, such stories are always an inspiring challenge. Not every designed project is destined to become a product each time, but the experience is still worth sharing. We have many exciting projects in our bag and you can read more about them on the custom solutions page. Now, however, we want to share a story that has not yet been realised.

The Estonian National Museum (ERM) is an ethnological museum of cultural history that focuses on Estonian culture, to which other Finno-Ugric peoples are added. The story of ERM itself is long and interesting, and you can find it on the museum’s website. However, our designer went even further in time, to the old Estonians and their traditions. And, from there, they went even deeper into the past, until they reached the giant mammoths. All the details, from the village swings and huts to the animals lost to the past inspired the creation of products suitable for the ERM courtyard. A solution was born that had a strong connection not only to Estonian history, but also to the expositions of today’s ERM.

As it sometimes happens, some projects cannot be realised due to the lack of resources, but nothing good happens to an idea that is left to wait for better times. May these designs inspire a new challenge! However, our products from the AMAZON theme series found their home at the ERM playground, matching the design language created by the architects down to the smallest detail.

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