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Materials and sertificates

Tiptiptap products are safe, durable and of high quality. When creating each new product, we think of future users for whom the attraction must be safe, fulfil its purpose and be fun and pleasing to the eye.


We have the true classics dominated by glued laminated timber posts, stairs and platforms, and the modern legends where the maintenance-free solution is created through aluminium and plastic.

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We have the best materials to ensure quality and safety, as well as the skills and tools to give the elements weather resistance and durability.

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Outdoor training equipment

We have smart solutions that require little space but offer many opportunities, we can excite the beginner and challenge the advanced enthusiasts.

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Our products are certified

Tiptiptap products are certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH.

Our playground equipment, skateparks and outdoor training equipment is manufactured in accordance with European safety standards.

Our long-term experience is based on the firm belief that the safety of children and customers can never be overlooked. We want to be completely confident in the safety of our products and to ensure that they comply with all safety standards.

  • Safety standard for playgrounds – EVS-EN 1176:2017 ja EVS-EN 1177:2018
  • Safety standard for skateparks – EVS-EN 14974
  • Safety standard for outdoor training equipment – EVS-EN 16630:2015

Environmental sustainability

Environmental thinking is a natural part of modern production. Tiptiptap is developing its new products with the desire to save the environment and to find new, green solutions.

All our products are only made from materials that meet the technical requirements and use finishing products which are environmentally friendly and safe for users. Most of our products consist of many different parts, making recycling easier. We have minimised production residues and, for example, reuse them in the packaging process.

Sustainable development