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Materials and certificates

Materials and certificates

Tiptiptap products are safe, durable and of high quality. When creating a new product, we think of future users for whom the attraction must be safe, fulfil its purpose, be fun to use, beautiful to look at.

Playground equipment manufacturing

To manufacture playground equipment, we use glued laminated timber or aluminium posts with a special cross-section of 98 x 98 mm. The advantages of these unique-profiled posts are their strength and increased resistance to bending, cracking and splitting.

Glued laminated timber posts are used for our standard range: 

  • The posts are impregnated with anti-mould and anti-rot agent;
  • primed with clear wood preservative;
  •  finished with two layers of special translucent exterior paint.

We also treat all ends of the wood with a special finishing agent.

The post ends are covered with HDPE plastic caps to prevent water damage.

Aluminium posts are used to manufacture our maintenance free range. Up to 60% of the used aluminium comes from the recyclable sources.


Wall panels, cheese walls, roofs, details of spring swings are made of UV- and weather-resistant three-layer HDPE. Our HDPE material is made of at least 50% recycled plastic. The colour palette includes red, yellow, blue, green, pistachio, fuchsia, brownish orange, gray and black.


Slides have got HDPE sides and stainless-steel sliding surface, which can be replaced by HDPE in case requested.

Stairs, platforms and other wooden details are made of glued laminated timber, which are impregnated with anti-mould and anti-rot agent, primed with clear wood preservative and then finished with two layers of special translucent exterior paint.


Climbing nets and suspension bridges of our playground products are made from a 16 mm thick six-strand PES cover braided steel ropes with extra strong plastic connectors.

Fixing accessories are from stainless steel (AISI 304). Metal parts, including tubes and swing beams, are made of galvanized and/or powder-coated steel. We cover all external fasteners and nuts with special plastic nut covers to prevent access.

Ground fixings are made of hot-dip galvanized metal. As a standard solution, we use tubular fittings that are concreted into the ground. We can also offer ground fixings for concrete-free installation and fixings for on-surface installation upon request.


Maintenance free range

All our products are available also as maintenance free. The main constructions in the maintenance free range are made of aluminium. Platforms, stairs, ramps and slopes are additionally covered with abrasion- and anti-slip 2-component UV-resistant elastomer plastic coating.


Depending on the material parts, our products enjoy a warranty of 2 to 15 years.


Our products are certified

Tiptiptap products are certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH.

  • Our playground equipment, skateparks and outdoor training equipment is manufactured in accordance with European safety standards.

Our long-term experience is based on the firm belief that the safety of children and customers can never be overlooked. We want to be completely confident in the safety of our products and to ensure that they comply with all safety standards.

  • Safety standard for playgrounds – EVS-EN 1176:2017 ja EVS-EN 1177:2018
  • Safety standard for skateparks – EVS-EN 14974
  • Safety standard for outdoor training equipment – EVS-EN 16630:2015