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Bench Press in Standing position

  • 14 y
  • 1.35 m
  • 2.07 m
  • 2.06 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width5.07 m
    Safety area length4.35 m
    Width of structure2.07 m
    Length of structure1.35 m
    Height of structure2.06 m
    Recommended age of children14+

    Product description

    The frame of the device is a metal profile with 3 mm thick walls with a cross-section of 120 x 80 mm. The device is painted with two-layer weather- and wear-resistant, strong paint coating. Standard colours are a combination of blue and black, other colours are available for custom orders. The device is attached to a reinforced concrete foundation with 16 x 125 mm anchor bolts, which are covered with a rubber cover. The handles are made of recycled plastic and the backrest is made of waterproof phenolic coated plywood, which has lower thermal conductivity than metal. The machine has a special place for storing a towel. The simple, rubberised weight change system moves on stainless steel rails and allows you to change weights in 2.5 kg increments. The exercises can be performed while standing up and bending your knees, with both hands at the same time or with one hand. The muscles trained include the deltoid muscle, trapezoidal muscles and biceps. Training the deltoid and biceps muscles improves the elbow and shoulder joints. The device is equipped with an instruction manual and a QR code.

    Safety area

    Side view



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