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Climbing frame VEGA

  • 3 y
  • 2.27 m
  • 0.95 m
  • 3.52 m
  • 2.41 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width4.89 m
    Safety area length6.84 m
    Width of structure0.95 m
    Length of structure3.52 m
    Height of structure2.41 m
    Max. fall height2.27 m
    Recommended age of children3+
    For simultaneous use by several children4-8

    Product consists of

    Climbing walls2 pcs
    Climbing nets1 pcs
    Ladders1 pcs
    Fireman poles1 pcs
    Posts5 pcs
    Tubes5 pcs

    Product description

    Throughout the ages the starry skies have captivated people with their mystery and endlessness. Why do the stars seem so tiny? How does the moon wax and wane? How big is space? What does the Big Dipper dip? Which constellation was I born under? Children’s questions will never cease, but their dreams will be boosted by Zodiac range products, because that starry-eyed tike who’s climbing on a net, sliding down or exploring the world through a porthole might be a future astronaut or astrologer.

    Safety area



    Installation info+

    Creating a world of fun