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Multiarena metal 18 m x 30 m

  • 5 y
  • 30 m
  • 18 m
  • 3 m
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    Technical information

    Width of structure18 m
    Length of structure30 m
    Height of structure3 m
    Recommended age of children5+
    For simultaneous use by several children1-

    Product description

    The metal multifunctional sports field is suitable for various ball games. Basketball, football and volleyball, tennis, etc. can be played on the court.
    Railings are made of hot galvanized metal panels and posts. It is also possible to choose a green or a special color product.
    The size of the field and the surface of the playing surface (eg tartan, granite sieves, artificial grass) can be selected according to the application.
    The standard equipment of the field includes 2 football goals, 2 basketball structures, 2 football goals and 1 service goal made of hot galvanized metal.



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