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Pirate ship BLACK JOKE

  • 4 y
  • 1.95 m
  • 8.04 m
  • 9.87 m
  • 4.05 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width11.84 m
    Safety area length13 m
    Width of structure8.04 m
    Length of structure9.87 m
    Height of structure4.05 m
    Max. fall height1.95 m
    Recommended age of children4+
    For simultaneous use by several children20-40

    Product consists of

    Platforms11 pcs with a height 1.55 m
    Platforms2 pcs with a height 0.65 m
    Roofs3 pcs
    Slides1 pcs with a height 1.55 m
    Tunnel slides1 pcs with a height 1.55 m
    Climbing walls3 pcs
    Climbing nets2 pcs
    Stairs with handrails1 pcs
    Activity panels4 pcs
    Posts23 pcs
    Panels/Plates16 pcs
    Tubes17 pcs

    Product description

    A large pirateship with two captain bridges is designed for children from the age 4. Up to 20 children can play together on the ship at the same time. There can be played different role-play games or just run, hang, jump and climb on the playship.
    The deck can be accessed by climbing net, climbing wall or using the stairs in the bow. Back down the ship can go by the net tube or slide. The ship´s hold is lined with rope net. Climbing on that rope net makes the feeling like actually swaying on the sea.
    There are 2 captain´s helms on the deck of the playship. Turning the helms make propellers spin. In addition there are several portholes and a crank in the head of the ship. Turning the crank a screw propeller starts turning.
    Stainless steel slide: height 1,55 m
    Tube-slide: height 1,55 m

    Safety area



    Installation info+

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