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Balance comes gradually

Mar 28, 20233 min readBlog

Physical sense of balance is so intrinsic that we usually don’t think about its importance. Or how much we rely on it in our daily lives – whenever we are awake, standing, walking, running, climbing stairs, riding a bike, etc. 

Do you think, on a daily basis, about how a good sense of balance helps you reduce the risk of falls and injuries and improves your posture and mobility? Probably not. But we do.

Among other things, balance tracks allow children to be competitive. Who has the best skills?

 Balance courses are popular because they support the development and health of children in various ways. To achieve and maintain balance on the course you need to use different muscles which improves muscle tone, stability and overall physical balance. While you figure out your next step you focus on your current movements and posture which in turn enhances awareness. The child is focused, senses his/her body and maintains balance.

But have you noticed that all balance exercises, tracks and structures also appeal to adults regardless of their age or fitness level? This is perfectly normal because the sense of balance has provided positive experiences since our childhood and all this is preserved in our body memory. How we learned to walk, run, ride a bike or climb a tree, or even how we conquered building roofs… So, each balance course presents a new and thrilling challenge that sparks childish excitement in every adult – can I still do it? I doubt it but I’ll try anyway!

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that our designers and development team should pay special attention to balance tracks. Our range of balance structures is extensive as there are many exciting solutions: balance beams, plates, stands, tracks and bridges.Plus, combination equipment for recreational sports that also allow developing and testing your balance skills. To sum it up, it is important to keep in mind why a good sense of balance is vital:

  • Improves physical performance
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Improves posture

These arguments are more than enough to encourage children to enjoy themselves on playgrounds that are equipped with balance courses, or set up a balance track in your backyard. However, it should be kept in mind that balance is achieved step by step, but once mastered, it supports us throughout our lifespan.

Children love to put themselves to the test. Booms, bridges, plates and similar structures that develop the sense of balance are always among their favourites.

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