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Movement in fresh air – how to choose the right training device?

Jun 14, 20213 min readBlog

Movement in fresh air and training to keep your body and mind healthy is a good opportunity even for those people who are not on very familiar terms with sports. All the more so as the choice of training equipment for outdoor usage is really very wide. We’ll make it easier for you to choose and explain what’s what.


Outdoor training devices provide a good opportunity to practise in the company of your family and friends!

On those devices, the training weight is the trainer’s own bodyweight. In this way, even those who have never practised or have done it long ago and still wish to keep themselves in form are capable of training. Outdoor training devices are highly appreciated among seniors as there is no risk of overexertion or injury. 

The training using the trainer’s own bodyweight will guarantee appropriate exercises and adequate training loads.

Different training devices can be selected for the basic module and combining those devices the desired training complex can be made up.  As only a very small safety area is required, the devices suit very well to the yard or park area.

Outdoor training devices also suit well for warm-up exercises for those who are planning a training of bigger load, for instance combined with the Street Workout or outdoor training gym elements or before going to the running track.


Streetworkout means the equipment where exercises are also performed using the trainer’s own bodyweight but are more complicated. Users can put themselves to the test with different  power exercises. 

The streetworkout products are particularly popular among the young, providing sufficient challenge and an opportunity to compete against one another. 


An outdoor training gym suits to more demanding trainers. Weight can be added to elements by 2,5 kg steps and the elements are comparable to  those in a training gym. Street Barbell is a product series of outdoor training devices equivalent to the equipment in a professional training gym. 

Each lever has a dual weight system and many supplements making the training process more comfortable. An outdoor training gym puts trainers to the test and offers sufficient possibilities for self surpassing and physical development. 

The selection should not be limited to one product series, the best result can be achieved combining the training devices so that everyone could find the most suitable training possibility irrespective of age and physical shape.

Combining different products you can get a result which suits for all ages.

All our outdoor training devices can be found on our website under the category sports and fitness.

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