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Climbing complex OCTO 7

  • 4 y
  • 2.55 m
  • 6 m
  • 13.44 m
  • 3.85 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width9.35 m
    Safety area length16.44 m
    Width of structure6 m
    Length of structure13.44 m
    Height of structure3.85 m
    Max. fall height2.55 m
    Recommended age of children4+
    For simultaneous use by several children1-25

    Product consists of

    Platforms6 pcs with a height 2 m
    Platforms1 pcs with a height 1.55 m
    Platforms2 pcs with a height 1.2 m
    Railings1 pcs with a height 2 m
    Stainless steel
    Railings1 pcs with a height 1.55 m
    Stainless steel
    Climbing walls13 pcs
    Climbing nets5 pcs
    16 mm six-strand PES cover braided steel ropes
    Ladders2 pcs
    Galvanized and powder-coated steel
    Fireman poles2 pcs
    Galvanized and powder-coated steel
    Posts28 pcs

    Product description

    The series was named after modern octagonal powder coated aluminium posts. The series is like a large city where everyone feels able to win through! The product range of the series of particular design meant for the young is expanding continually. The OCTO series acrylic glass panels accentuate the impression of high-rise glass buildings. In reality, the durable glasspanels are of the type known from hockey squares. The attractions survive even the biggest challenges. The OCTO series offers developing activities and physical effort for older children who ardently wish to try their hand. The selection includes big and grand megacomplexes, different climbing facilities, spinners, shakers, swing constructions etc. A new meeting place was born!

    Safety area



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