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Elevated inclusive sandbox

  • 2 y
  • 0.6 m
  • 1.36 m
  • 1.36 m
  • 0.88 m
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    Technical information

    Width of structure1.36 m
    Length of structure1.36 m
    Height of structure0.88 m
    Max. fall height0.6 m
    Recommended age of children2+
    For simultaneous use by several children1-6
    Wheelchair AccessibleYes

    Product description

    The device is intended for use by non-disabled people, as well as for people with disabilities resulting in moving in a wheelchair. Devices recommended simultaneously for people with intellectual disabilities, with neurological immersion (strokes, MS), for people with sight disabilities, as well as for seniors suffering from cognitive disorders.
    External dimensions of the low sandbox: 1410x1410mm
    External dimensions of the elevated sandbox: 1360x1360mm
    Internal dimensions of the low sandbox: 1050x1050mm
    Internal dimensions of the elevated sandbox: 1148x1148mm
    Height from the ground of the low sandbox: 240 mm
    Height from the ground of the elevated sandbox: 879 mm
    Low sandbox weight (without foundation): 67kg
    Elevated sandbox weight (without foundation): 117kg
    Thickness of the HDPE: 10mm sides and 15mm seat
    External circuit of the legs cross-section: 90mm
    Installation: Anchoring to the ground

    Safety area

    Side view



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