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Playhouse COTTAGE with slide

  • 1 y
  • 0.59 m
  • 2.02 m
  • 3.3 m
  • 2.53 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width5.02 m
    Safety area length6.3 m
    Width of structure2.02 m
    Length of structure3.3 m
    Height of structure2.53 m
    Max. fall height0.59 m
    Recommended age of children1+
    For simultaneous use by several children3-6

    Product consists of

    Roofs1 pcs
    Slides1 pcs with a height 0.6 m
    Climbing nets1 pcs
    Stairs with handrails1 pcs
    Play corners1 pcs
    Posts4 pcs
    Panels/Plates6 pcs

    Product description

    A cosy playhouse with windows, benches, a play table, a climbing net, a staircase, a slide and an open door area. You can enter the playhouse by stairs and by crawling through wall openings. Playful users can enter the house using the ramp made from the climbing net or use the stairs. There is a fun slide for getting out of the playhouse, and steering wheels on the outer walls that develop motor skills and coordination.

    Safety area



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