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Spring swing BLACK SWAN

  • 1 y
  • 0.43 m
  • 1.2 m
  • 1.69 m
  • 1.59 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width3.65 m
    Safety area length7.93 m
    Width of structure1.2 m
    Length of structure1.69 m
    Height of structure1.59 m
    Max. fall height0.43 m
    Recommended age of children1+
    For simultaneous use by several children1-3

    Product consists of

    Springs3 pcs
    Grips for hands and/or feet1 pcs

    Product description

    Spring swing BLACK SWAN is a 2-seat spring swing shaped like a swan. It is the perfect playground attraction which lets kids swing with friends. Swinging together teaches kids cooperation and they can discover how to move the swing at various speeds and directions. Swinging helps kids develop balance, improves their fitness, and lets them have fun. The swing is equipped with a handle and seat.
    The springs are made of galvanized and powder coated steel. Platform has two layers – lower layer is made of waterproof plywood and top layer of HDPE. Swan shape is made of 15 mm HDPE. Product’s ground fixings are made of hot-dip galvanized metal and as standard solution it is concreted into the ground.

    Safety area

    Side view



    Installation info+

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