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STRAW set with climbing steps (set 9 pcs.)

  • 4 y
  • 1.62 m
  • 1.53 m
  • 2.82 m
  • 3 m
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    Technical information

    Safety area width4.89 m
    Safety area length6.1 m
    Width of structure1.53 m
    Length of structure2.82 m
    Height of structure3 m
    Max. fall height1.62 m
    The product needs a safety surface
    Recommended age of children4+
    For simultaneous use by several children1-9

    Product description

    STRAWS with climbing steps are made of hot-dipped galvanized and powder-coated metal pipes of 89 mm in diameter, which have been set in ground with concrete. Round steps are made of durable 40 mm thick HDPE plastic. The heights of the posts are 2m, 2,5m, and 3 m. Tops of the posts are covered with caps made of HDPE plastic. It is possible to combine these in various heights and sizes. Colour tone according to RAL code card.

    Safety area

    Side view


    Installation info+

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