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Tiptiptap is a Nordic company where professionals and experienced specialists work in a modern factory near the Estonian capital, Tallinn. To ensure the best quality, we do everything necessary in the production process ourselves.

Tiptiptap’s factory has divided different production stages between different production departments. In addition to CNC cutting and drill pressing, we have a rope shop, a paint shop and a metal shop, as well as an assembly unit.


We use the CNC processing centre Vantage 24M from the German company Weeke to cut and nest our sheet material. The size of the matrix table is 3100 x 1550 mm, and the centre has an 8-slot clip for an automated exchange of cutting tools. The maximum thickness of the processed component is 100 mm. The following sheet materials can be processed: plywood, MDF, HDF, chipboard, HDPE plastic, Corian, HPL, and wood.

Metal works

We manufacture steel structures of various complexity up to a maximum weight of 250 kg, and provide Mig/Mag welding services using the welding machine ESAB 4004i Pulse. We only use laser cut details for sheet metal component details. Our equipment includes the bandsaw MEBAswing 230DG and a vertical milling machine.

Tube bending

We provide tube bending services using a profile bending machine MG AR60 and a tube bending machine Gilber Bieger S50. Using tubes with a diameter of 25, 33 or 40 mm, we manufacture handrails, guardrails, ladders and various climbing structures for children

Wood processing

We use the panel table saw NZ3200 from the Belgian company ROBLAND for wood processing. Product specifications include: length of the rolling table 3200 mm; tilt angle of motorised cutting blade: up to 45 degrees; fine adjustment of the end stop.

Paint processing

In paint processing, we use environmentally friendly and child-friendly transparent finishing products that meet safety standards and cover surfaces well. Wooden parts can also be covered with a wear-resistant, non-slip, two-component UV-resistant elastomer plastic coating.


We also manufacture our products’ rope parts – the six-strand, PES cover braided steel ropes – ourselves. This means less worrying for our customers: if rope details need to be replaced in the future, we can supply them quickly and without a problem.


To ensure the smooth assembly of products on-site, we assemble many details into finished parts. You can also order Tiptiptap products as completely assembled constructions.