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Playground in Wanneroo, Australia

LocationAustralia, Wanneroo

The Windjammer Park in Wanneroo City on the western coast of Australia is very special for us. Not only for the reason that our big and gorgeous pirate ship NIGHT RAMBLER, the mighty tugboat PUKSIIR, the stand on see-saw HOOK, the carousel SWORD as well as the musical instruments Bongo Tree and Diatonic Cam Chines, let alone the EPDM safety surface which fits in well with the whole, occupy a central place on the playground but also because Windjammer Park is above all a wonderful example of an intact solution, When you have a vision, in our product selection you can find everything you may need to turn your idea into reality. To fulfill your special wishes (e.g. the city arms and the elements of the pirate ship), we’ll just add the flexibility characteristic of us and the result will be perfect. We wish to share your joy and inspiration!

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