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OCTO - under a spell of a large city

Are these skyscrapers, proudly towering skywards? No, these are products from the OCTO series with a special design, providing older children and teenagers with challenging experiences.

A design with a metropolitan atmosphere

The OCTO series got its name from the modern, octagonal, powder-coated aluminium posts. The series is like a big city where everyone feels they can make it! The product range is mostly meant for teenagers and it is constantly growing.




Quality you can trust

The acrylic glass panels of the OCTO series only deepen the impression of high-rise glass buildings in big cities. In reality, OCTO glass panels are exactly as durable and are also used in hockey pitches. These are attractions that survive even the biggest of challenges.

Products to challenge young people

The OCTO series offers developmental activities and physical challenges for older children who are burning with a wish to test their limits. The selection includes big and powerful mega-complexes, different climbing frames, spinners, shakers, swing complexes, etc. A new meeting place has been born!

Creating a world of fun