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PIRATE WORLD - dare to test yourself

Who are the greatest adventurers of them all? The brave pirates, of course! The daredevils who sail towards new adventures and fearlessly test themselves by defying dangers and taking risks.

Everyone can become a captain

The gallant pirate ships of the PIRATE WORLD series give even the youngest children the opportunity to feel like the captain of a powerful ship. Fears disappear, confidence grows, and when the whole team is behind you, you can go a long way – taking risks while being completely safe.

Opportunities that develop every step of the way

The products in this series attract children like a magnet. PIRATE WORLD teaches little pirates to climb and keep their balance, to overcome obstacles and assess risks. Everything needs to be conquered: the climbing nets, tracks, walls and ladders! The carousels and swings only add to the joy of the game.

Eye-catching design and bold colours

Blue, black and yellow are the main shades of the PIRATE WORLD products. The attractions can be ordered with conventional glued laminated timber posts, platforms and stairs, as well as completely maintenance-free, with strong aluminium profile posts, long-lasting HDPE panels, and wear-proof, HDPE covered platforms and stairs.

Creating a world of fun