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WATER WORLD - secrets of the underwater world

A series that has been inspired by the colourful fish and the exciting underwater world. Thematic panels add to the uniqueness, maintenance-free materials guarantee durability.

Getting to know the world through play

The panels decorated with exciting ornaments attract the eye, and the colourful characters from the underwater world create interest and many new questions. What is the difference between a shark and a ray? How long does a turtle live? How do dolphins communicate with each other? The underwater world is wonderful!

Eye-catching harmony of colours

Blue, yellow and grey are the main shades of the WATER WORLD product line but the attractions get their mysterious underwater world look from the sharks and rays, turtles and dolphins, and many other exciting characters. A bright green whale can also be found in this eye-catching product line.

Maintenance-free materials

The WATER WORLD theme series is completely maintenance-free, and comes with strong aluminium profile posts, long-lasting HDPE panels, and wear-proof, HDPE covered platforms and stairs. The series is vandal proof and weather-resistant, and has a warranty twice the length of the regular one.

Creating a world of fun