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Warranty terms for training equipment

Warranty terms for training equipment

The manufacturer provides a warranty to its outdoor training products depending on materials and parts:

5 years:

  • welding
  • rust
  • powder coating
  • 1D pole
  • 2D pole
  • 3D pole
  • 5D pole

3 years:

  • function parts
  • bearings
  • seats

Warranty terms:

The warranty covers structural strength, materials and manufacturing faults.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or vandalism, slight fading of colors.

The warranty is only valid if products have been installed according to the instructions provided by TIPTIPTAP and maintained regularly.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning of the device, lubrication of the movable parts and checking that bolts and nuts are well-fastened.

Warranty under Costal Condition

Products installed in costal environment will typically deteriorate more than products installed in a less corrosive environment. This occurs even in case they are maintained appropriately. Some corrosion and deterioration is considered normal wear. Any claim for finish failures or for corrosion of the products is not applicable to the above warranty if the installation is in the costal area (within 200 m) or in direct contact with marine water.