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What role do playgrounds play on the real estate market?

Mar 19, 20214 min readBlog

A man who wears a high-quality suit and an expensive watch will never accessorise them with a pair of worn-out shoes. The latter would completely undo the elegant image his suit and watch helped to create. Why such an example? Because a similar situation arises often when dealing with new real estate developments where playgrounds near houses are also part of the picture. Developers create great apartment buildings with professional builders and the best of intentions, but may inadvertently fail when it comes to things that get installed next to the house and into the courtyards. 

The birth of every new apartment building is an event because the building will become the home of many. Between these walls, children will be growing up, memories get created and communities will emerge. At the same time, many people also see real estate as an investment that is expected to generate income and to whose value they are willing to contribute time and money. In both cases, the whole solution is equally important. Not only the design of the flat but also the design that surrounds the whole building. Thus, the installation of playgrounds and the creation of green areas around the houses is also part of the developer’s tasks. 

And this is where first stumbling blocks can occur. Often, the choice of playground and outdoor equipment is determined solely by the price. Bids are accepted, the cheapest is chosen and the entire thing is forgotten. The developer always has a tight budget and that can be understood, but in the end it is the new apartment owners who are faced with a solution that does not meet their needs and is barely satisfactory in the first place. It also happens that the (landscape) architect has done a lot of work early on and has designed a courtyard that harmonises with the surrounding environment. And now the main question arrives: where can you even order such attractions and has their quality been taken into account together with their looks? 

If a playground is already planned for the courtyard area, it does not matter whether the building is larger or smaller: the playground will have a higher than average frequency of use. The products must meet all safety requirements, and it is definitely worth asking the manufacturer whether safety certificates have been issued for the  attractions chosen. This is the only way to be sure that the attractions are reliable, safe and durable. Under no circumstances can swings and slides that are intended for single household use (and can be bought from any construction store) be installed to the courtyard of an apartment building. It is always possible to find a suitable playground for a specific development because our domestic manufacturers are flexible and will definitely create exciting special solutions at the request of customers.

Both the client who is looking for a home and the one who is looking for an investment opportunity will keep a keen eye out for the outdoor area of a newly completed apartment building. The surroundings of the house are seen before anything else and they will create the first impression. If the first emotion upon arrival is positive because you can see a skilful execution and good quality, then you will also look at the house and the apartment with that same positive attitude. So it is worth returning to the comparison made at the beginning of the story. If you are already wearing a high-quality suit and an expensive watch on your wrist, you cannot afford worn-out shoes. 

It is wise to start planning the courtyard area as early as possible, especially if the (landscape) architect wants a special solution. Cooperation with the playground manufacturer is very important here, and the sooner you start with it, the better the result. Our cooperation with real estate developers has been very positive so far, so if you see a Tiptiptap playground in the courtyard of a new apartment building, it is already a good sign.

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