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Young people know what they want

19 Mar 20214 min readBlog

School, training, studying… That’s the everyday life of a teenager. Those few free moments that emerge get eaten up by smart devices and by other glowing screens. These are the things that receive the unwavering attention of today’s young people. This is what the daily life of our teenagers looks like to many adults. But can we really draw generalised conclusions based on some hunched shoulders and a fixed gaze? Or are those people right who say that a few decades ago, the main problem the parents faced was how to get their children back indoors in the evening. And that now the situation is reversed…

Indeed, the overall picture has changed, but not necessarily for the worse. Increasing attention is being paid to ensuring that young people have access to interesting activities while they are enjoying fresh air. If we look around in parks, residential areas, around schools and green areas, near youth and leisure centers, we see more and more skateparks and street workout sets popping up. True, there could always be more, but one can hope that outdoor training will become more and more popular also among young people. If adults prefer to stay active on a health or a forest trail, then young people are attracted to places where they can spend time with friends in a larger group. And skateparks and street workout areas are ideal for that.

When building skateparks, we realised from the beginning that young people know exactly what they want. Therefore, we involved experts in our field in the process of creating the elements of skateparks. They were able to guide us and give advice on what young people expect. Depending on the location of the skatepark and on its users, we are able to create exactly the set that young people need. The skateparks we have created have so many different elements that they also challenge experienced skaters. At the same time, you can be sure that all ramps are safe and the materials are of high quality. By now, our skate park development team has more than ten years of experience, and our product range has grown in a way that we can offer a suitable solution in each case, whether you are drawn to a classic (BASE series) or a monolithic skatepark (MONO series) or miniramps. A large selection of different elements makes accessorizing and renewing existing skateparks easy.

Street workout attracts those who value strength more than speed. At the same time, training outdoors is a good way to measure up with friends since different strength exercises are based on training with body weight. And comparison with others is a good motivator to work even harder! Our street workout training equipment is very versatile and gives you an opportunity to train different muscle groups. The weather does not play a role here, the training is made pleasant by good company and good competition. It is a good idea to install your Street workout set next to the playgrounds, as this gives older family members a chance to move their body while the family’s smallest members spend time on the playground. A good example is the public playground in Viiratsi: there is a Street workout Florida set installed just next to it, together with a selection of recreational training equipment.

While the street workout equipment is best for body weight exercises, the recreational training equipment is suitable for those who prefer a light or a moderate load. Outdoor training equipment is made of metal, it is durable and weatherproof. It fits perfectly into parks, playgrounds, next to health trails, schoolyards and also into your backyard. This is where adults can also set a good example for young people and show that training in fresh air does not require much. And that light physical activity can be combined with socialising, as you can train with family members or friends. You can start with a single sports equipment, even with a basketball table construction installed into your backyard. Young people are always ready to take on the challenge! 😉

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