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    Of what can you make tables, shelves, walls, houses, castles, fortresses, caves or even skyscrapers? The answer is our LABYROOM L-shaped panels are ingenious in their simplicity allowing the children to create a countless number of different rooms and solutions during play. LABYROOM is safe as it has no sharp corners or moving parts and the plastic coated plywood survives well both indoors and outdoors. The colour palette combines blue, red, green and yellow panels to create a lively and thrilling playground!
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    LABYROOM L-panel with fixing accessories set (1 pc) Code: LAB001

    Product description:

    LABYROOM is a playground for the children aged 3-10 years. A simple L-shaped panel enables you to build a countless number of different spaces: houses, palaces, castles, caves, etc.
    You are able to build something new every time! For example, if you turn the cube from one side to another, you can have a new game at once!
    LABYROOM is produced from materials that are easy to care for - an UV-proof plywood with coloured plastic coating and rims that have been polished three times.
    LABYROOM stands our Nordic weather well both in the house and in the garden.
    LABYROOM is safe, because it doesn`t contain any moving parts or sharp-edged corners. The modules are tested and certified. It is easy to join the standard panels to each other. By adding panels it`s possible to build the LABYROOM world bigger and bigger all the time.
    It`s also possible to use the LABYROOM panels for building tables, shelves and screens.

    More drawings for architects, installation manuals and certificates available after log in or by request.

    LABYROOM L-panel with fixing accessories set (1 pc)
    Labyroom panels certainly inspire the ideas of future builders and architects, whereas climbing and crawling on the structures ensures physical exercise. Instead of instilling fear the created labyrinths teach the use of logic to find solutions.